Saskatchewan Fashion Week

May 03, 2015

Saskatchewan Fashion Week (SFW), established in 2012, is a yearly fashion event held in Regina, Saskatchewan. The goal of SFW is to develop, enhance, and grow the fashion and creative design industries in Saskatchewan.

Cornwall Centre is a proud sponsor of Saskatchewan Fashion Week.

New in 2015:

FASHION & ART INSTALLATION – Cornwall Centre, Centre Court from May 3-13, 2015

Saskatchewan Fashion Week (SFW) is introducing the first ever SFW x CORNWALL CENTRE art installation, featuring artistic designs inspired by the SFW 2015 campaign them. The designs are created by Saskatchewan artists and SFW designers, and curated by SFW.


  • Greg Allen
  • Vanessa Benson
  • Priya Bilkhu & Rani Bilkhu
  • Mackenzie Bulych
  • Brenna Donnelly
  • Julie Novak
  • Gina Pulai
  • Haley Gartner


  • Hillberg & Berk
  • Laurie Brown
  • Prahsik
  • Theme & Variation

As a proud sponsor of Saskatchewan Fashion Week we are excited to support the fashion industry in Saskatchewan and thank all the volunteers who work so hard to put this event on.

To learn more or purchase tickets, visit

See you at Saskatchewan Fashion Week!


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