Falling for Layers

October 20, 2015

If you’re like me, you are cold ALL. THE. TIME. It’s a constant battle with the thermostat at our house. Living with two boys, they stay warm by just breathing. But for me, I could be under five blankets, wearing sweats and a hoodie, and still be cold. It’s gotten so bad, co-workers refer to me as “the girl who runs her space heater in the summer.” With the temperatures dropping each day, you’d think that I’d be panicking right now. But I am the complete opposite. I’m ecstatic, because I have discovered the concept of layering. Not only does layering keep me warm, but I get to wear multiple of my favourite items at once! Layering for lazy nights at home is easy, but how do you create a cozy outfit that is work-friendly and transitional for date night? Here are my tips on how to put together a perfectly layered outfit, for work or play:

  1. Start with a basic, light-weight top. I am obsessed with stripes right now, but a plain tee works just as well.
  2. Add a second layer, such as a button-up cardigan, pull-over sweater, a denim jacket, or even a blazer. Be sure to let your first layer peek out wherever possible under your second layer.
  3. Next, add a coat or jacket. Choose a neutral or basic colour so that it is not clashing with your second layer.
  4. Add a colourful or patterned scarf.
  5. Finish it off with additional accessories, such as bracelets, rings, watches, and a hat or beanie


CC Style Tips:

  • Worried about over-heating? Ditch a layer! Skip the jacket and wear a long sleeved top with a puffy vest, or wear a sweater dress and tights under a wooly trench.
  • Keep the under-layers more fitted to avoid looking bulky. You will be pilling the layers on top of one another, and that should be enough to keep you warm. If it’s really chilly outside, wear something heavier as the top-most layer only.
  • Don’t be afraid to mix and match. Play with different textured pieces, mix patterns, and incorporate light and colourful hues. Forget the boring rules, if you like it, wear it!

What favourite piece from your closet do you use the most to incorporate into your layered ensemble?



Look #1: PrimaLoft® faux fur-trim wool puffer vest, The Gap :: Stripe long-sleeve, The Gap :: Blanket scarf, Below The Belt
Look #2: Flannel roll-sleeve henley, The Gap :: Brooklyn tunic, The Gap :: Bree Biker Bomber, Danier

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