The Best Nail Polish Colours for Fall + Winter

October 25, 2015


As a nail-biter’s only daughter, I was never taught about nail polish. Growing up in a small town, my friends and I would rather make mud pies and play sports with the boys rather than paint our nails. When I was 11, I was asked to be a junior bridesmaid in a family-friend’s wedding (my first bridal party experience, how exciting!) and got to share in the customary “day-of beauty rituals”. Suddenly, WHAM!, I fell in love with beauty products. All I wanted for my birthday and Christmas was make-up, hair tools, and nail polish.

Not much has changed since then. The one thing that I own more of than anything else is nail polish. I often find nail polish bottles stuffed at the back of my drawer that I didn’t even know I had. I can walk by a nail polish stand and be stuck there for at least an hour; reading the witty colour names, comparing shade to shade, and imagining which colour would match with my outfit. Then I end up walking out with two or three new nail polishes to add to my collection. I love when a new season arrives and stores begin to stock their shelves with the new seasonal collection, or limited edition shades. I am practically hovering over the sales associates as they put out the new products. At the start of Fall, I stored away my bright and pastel shades and went on the hunt to add more vampy hues to my repertoire. I have gathered my favourite picks for Fall and Winter and am sharing them with you!









CC Style Tip: Life is too short to use the same colour for your fingers and toes. Here are a few suggestions for Fall mani and pedi pairings.


What is your favourite Fall or Winter nail colour?



NUDE    Formula X, Acclaimed (Sephora) :: Deborah Lippmann, Naked (Sephora) :: Marc Jacobs, Funny Girl (Sephora) :: OPI, My Vampire is Buff (Chatter’s Salon)

OXBLOOD RED    Deborah Lippmann, Single Ladies (Sephora) :: Marc Jacobs, Jezebel (Sephora) :: Formula X, Obsessed (Sephora) :: MAC, Vintage Vamp (Hudson’s Bay)

HUNTER GREEN    Marc Jacobs, It’s Not Easy Being Green (Sephora) :: Formula X, Gravity (Sephora) :: Essie, Power Clutch (Shopper’s Drug Mart) :: Nails Inc., Bruton Mews (Sephora)

VIOLET    Deborah Lippmann, Dark Side of the Moon (Sephora) :: OPI, Midnight in Moscow (Chatter’s Salon) :: Formula X, Nightingale (Sephora) :: OPI, Black Cherry Chutney (Chatter’s Salon)

GRAY    Formula X, Gray Matter (Sephora) :: MAC, Snazzy Hound (Hudson’s Bay) :: Marc Jacobs, Evelyn (Sephora) :: Ciaté, Pillow Talk (Sephora)

TEXTURED    Formula X, Turbulent (Sephora) :: MAC, Tiara on Top (Hudson’s Bay) :: Formula X, Out of Sight (Sephora) :: Ciaté, Rosebush (Sephora)

Formula X, Power Source (Sephora) + Formula X, Nightingale (Sephora)
Marc Jacobs, Evelyn (Sephora) + Formula X, A+ (Sephora)
Deborah Lippmann, Naked (Sephora) + Formula X, Orbit (Sephora)

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