Step 1 - Winter to Spring Transition

February 24, 2015


In Saskatchewan, we HAVE to be pros in the art of transitioning our wardrobes from season to season. Over the next few weeks let’s prep our closets for the Winter to Spring changeover together.

STEP 1 – Whittle Down the Winter Items in Your Closet

The first thing I like to do is look through my winter clothes and remove the items I rarely wore or didn’t wear at all in the past few months. That bulky knit sweater that I haven’t worn all season was taking up room in my closet and it will soon take up room in my limited storage if I don’t pull it out to be donated or sold online or in a garage sale. Over the years I have taught myself to ”rip off the Band-Aid”  when it comes to removing clutter from my closet and my home as I used to hold on to way too many belongings for years. If you have trouble letting go check out this really handy Wardrobe Editing Decision Tree by Modern Eve.


The next thing I do is pull out any items that are Christmas or New Year’s specific; have Nordic/winter-related patterns, along with anything that is especially bulky/heavy. I immediately put those items into my winter clothing storage bin.

After that step is complete, I look at the layerable sweaters I have. You know, the ones that are lightweight and/or have buttons or zippers to wear over top of my Spring tees, tanks and dresses.  I use the good old decision tree to find any additional items to donate or sell. With the sweaters left, I also question if I will wear the item in Spring or if it is more of a Fall/Winter sweater. If it is more Fall/Winter, it goes into my storage bin.

After these steps are done I feel good about getting rid of some clutter and donating clothing to someone in need, and I have room in my closet (YAY!).

See you back here next week for Step 2.


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