Step 2 - Bring in the Spring

March 05, 2015

We’re back for more Winter-Spring wardrobe transitioning. Did you make some room in your closet? Me too! Now let’s tackle Spring attire.

STEP 2 – Bring in the Spring

Now this is getting fun! This is when I set aside some ME time and I pick up some fashion magazines at Shoppers Drug Mart, buy a Second Cup coffee or take home some loose tea from DAVIDsTEA. It is now time to chill out with my magazines, bevy and Pinterest on my tablet to learn about what’s trending for Spring 2015.

Check out the Cornwall Centre Spring 2015 Pinterest board here.

Alright, now I have a vision for what I want to wear over the coming months.

I take my Spring/Summer storage bin and dump everything onto my bed. I pull out everything that is really light and sheer or very ‘summery’ and put it back into the bin and whisper “I’ll see you soon.” Then I wish for ‘the snow to melt and summer weather to come on every coin I find on the ground, whenever it’s 11:11, if my eyelash falls out, birthday candles, the wishbone from an Easter turkey, and basically every other thing upon which I can wish' (What?! Don’t you do that??).

I put the items that are current with Spring 2015 trends in my closet and anything left over I use the Wardrobe Editing Decision Tree (courtesy of Modern Eve) to decide to either donate or put back into my storage bin for Summer or next Spring.

I think back to the looks I loved in the magazines and my Pins, and I decide on what I want to wear this Spring that isn’t already in my closet. Guess what I do next? Yep, you’re right. I call up some girlfriends and go to Cornwall Centre for a Spring Splurge.


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