Resolutions - Saving Money

January 27, 2015


Saving money is always a good thing. It’s weird how quickly you can save when you ascribe to a few money saving habits. Here are “7 Easy Money Saving Tips” I’ll be using in 2015.

#1 – Follow Cornwall Centre on Social Media and Sign Up for Their Newsletters

The Cornwall Centre marketing team receives emails directly from retailer head offices about sales. The team also follows all the retailers on their social media, so they get all the information on the best sales going on throughout the shopping centre. If you are looking to save money like me, follow and sign-up to be in-the-know.

#2 – Sign up for Newsletters from your Favourite Stores

Do you love Gap, Children’s Place or Bath & Body Works? All three stores send sale information and exclusive coupons to their email list. Other stores send you coupons on your birthday, early access to sales, and information about temporary sales that are just a few hours to 1-day long - sales that you wouldn’t want to miss. Last year I saved BIG at some of the 1-day sales at Hudson’s Bay, and I also stocked up on some work clothes at RW&CO. when they had a flash sale during the afternoon.

#3 – Reward/Card Programs

If you love DAVIDsTEA, regularly visit Shoppers Drug Mart or Hudson’s Bay, sign up for their rewards cards and start saving points to use for money off your purchases down the road. At The Body Shop, La Senza, and American Eagle Outfitters, they have rewards cards that give you instant discounts on your purchase.

#4 – Coupons

Have you seen Extreme Couponing? I LOVE that show, and I love coupons. My husband teases me that I have a coupon obsession, but I don’t care! Neither should you. Don’t ever be embarrassed to pull out a coupon and save some cash. If every week you use coupons and save $5, you would save over $250 in a year. My question is “Why wouldn’t you?” A&W, Zam Zam Wraps, and other Food Court retailers mail out coupons or have them in fundraiser coupon books. Bath & Body Works gives you one to use on your next purchase, and many other stores have a coupon right on the receipt or ask you to complete a quick survey to receive a coupon for next time.

#5 – Set a Budget

Not only do Gift Cards make great gifts, they also make great budgeting tools! Buy a Cornwall Centre Gift Card at Guest Services with your weekly or monthly budget for coffee, lunch, shopping, and/or parking. Track your purchases and balance online at It’s a really easy way to be mindful of your spending, and it’s a great reason to splurge at the end of the month if you have a nice balance left!

#6 – Put $20 in an Envelope Every Week

Put a $20 bill in an envelope every week and by this time next year, you'll have over $1000! If you want to save more, put in $30-$40; or if $20 is a bit too high, start with $5-$10. This is a great technique to set aside money for Christmas gifts to avoid financial strain in December. Another great idea is to save that $20/week for a year then visit Marlin Travel and go on a hot vacation (that’s what I’m going to do!). Set a weekly reminder on your phone to add to the envelope, and write the start date or the goal date on the front so you know when you can dig into that savings!

#7 – Spend/Save Match

Pick something that you regularly spend money on (gas, coffee, lunch, shoes) and create a spend/save match. For example: track how much you spent on coffee during the week, and then put an equal amount into your savings account. Easy-peasy.  If you don't have much wiggle room in your monthly/weekly budget, choose something small. A little bit of savings is better than none at all! And, if you have more flexibility choose something bigger. Just be sure that it is manageable so you can continue to do it over time.

"A penny saved is a penny earned." - Benjamin Franklin


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