Parking at Cornwall Centre

November 04, 2014


So we all know that parking in Downtown Regina is a touchy subject. From the City handing out more tickets to most parking lots raising their rates, it’s often hard for people to justify paying for parking.

I recently found out that Cornwall Centre has decided to LOWER the daily rate. That’s right, when everyone else is raising their rates, Cornwall Centre listened to their customers and decided to lower it. As of November 1, 2014 the daily maximum will change from $18/day to $14/day. The Daily Max Rate applies Monday to Friday and is charged after you are parked 6 hours or longer.  This is a great option for people instead of worrying about plugging the meter or moving their car every few hours.

As a mom of two busy little kids, I love using the Family Parking stalls located on the third level (P3) of the Saskatchewan Drive Parkade - the area near the paystation outside of The Bay. These stalls make it easier for families who use strollers and want quick access the shopping centre via ramps and the elevator. It's easy to go directly into the Bay or enter near the Food Court. Originally half of the stalls in that section were reserved but there are now 28 stalls designated for people with small children. Some people think that just because they have a carseat in their car, but don’t have their child with them, that they can park there. Security regularly patrols this area to be sure the rules are being followed and that the stalls are available for parents who need them.

Here are some great features that haven’t changed about parking at Cornwall Centre:

  • Convenient Saskatchewan Drive and Hamilton Street parkade locations
  • Parking is FREE after 5:00PM and on Sundays and Holidays


  • The daily max charged on Saturdays is just $4


  • You don’t get a parking ticket if you park longer than you expected, just pay an additional $2/hour!


  • Covered parking
  • Security patrolled parkades

And one last thing; Cornwall Centre has decided to offer a Monthly Parking program starting January 1, 2015. This program provides scramble parking at $150/month in the Saskatchewan Drive parkade.  It’s a great price for covered parking especially during the winter months. At this time the program is full, but you can call Donna at 306-565-5090 to get on the wait list.

Happy Shopping!


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